Blokey Stuff

Rhino Linings has enjoyed a long-term reputation among Tradies as Australia's "you beaut" ute tray liner.

Now the US military has cottoned onto what we in the Aussie trades have known for years - if you want to protect your vehicles (and in the military's case, your people), Rhino's "Tuff Stuff" literally has you covered.

The Yank military has had big problems in Iraq with petrol tankers that go bang when the enemy fires a few rounds into them.

So what did they do to solve the problem?

They went to our old mates at Rhino Linings and guess what (as we could have told them) – the Tuff Stuff we use as ute liners is virtually bullet proof.

Apparently while bullets can pass through Tuff Stuff – it does its job by reducing the likelihood of a 'big bang' and in fact is saving lives as a result.

So what better recommendation is there for Rhino Linings?

It's not surprising then that Rhino Linings provides a nationwide life-time warranty with Tuff Stuff spray-on linings.

Tuff Stuff increases tray life, adds value to your vehicle or trailer and it is sprayed on twice as thick as cheaper, imitation products.

If you're concerned about rust, Tuff Stuff is airtight and watertight; it's slip resistant, doesn't require maintenance and won't peel off or decay.

There's also good news about a new range of colours on the way that won't fade (for the discerning Tradies who like their trays to look pretty as well!).

A Tuff Stuff liner doesn't need to be cut around other fixtures on your vehicle – it forms a seamless membrane that enhances the look of your ute or trailer, protecting it from the elements.

Insulation against annoying road vibrations and noise is another plus.

Rhino Linings offers the fastest application time – just book your vehicle in and after just four hours it will be ready to be picked up – better than new – alternative applications in the market can take up to three days!

See our FAQs for further information.

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