Knowing All About Epoxy grout - Is that the Best Choice 

Epoxy grout is the material used in the areas that are tiled and regularly exposed to any extreme conditions and usage. It is impervious to water damages and stains and it has the capability to eliminate maintenance issues and increase the longevity of tiled floors. There are many distinctive advantages in using epoxy grout.

Here follows some notable advantages in using epoxy grout: 

  • It helps in keeping the grout in a good pristine condition, whereas those who do not use this grout may experience addition maintenance costs
  • Anyone who constantly cleans or bleach the floor around ceramic tiles may not experience any difficulties in cleaning. As we all know, tiles easily stain and it becomes difficult to remove stain at some point. But by using grout, tiles become sensitive to grout and cleaning becomes easier
  • It is not only for tiles, but even other materials can be cleaned and maintained using this epoxy grout
  • It has high stain resistant, as it helps to remove even incredibly difficult stains easily without taking much effort. Only certain stains and chemicals will permanently alter the color of tiles, however areas that are exposed to acidic substances or grease in kitchen countertops and other areas can be cleaned with epoxy
  • It is highly water resistant. Unlike any other grouts, water reacts less on epoxy and it becomes incredibly advantageous after gout is installed
While most of the types or brands of grouts cannot be stored for a long period, more than two years, epoxy proves to be the best choice, as it can be stored for limitless period and it will never freeze, unless it is kept airtight.

  • There is no sealant required for grout. To say, traditional grouts may need to be sealed once in every two or three years, but epoxy will not require additional sealants
  • Mildew and mold resistant. Epoxy, already being resistant to mildew and mold, the property can further be enhanced when additive is mixed with grout before it is applied
  • Epoxy is hygienic, it eases application and increases the ability to fill tile or stone joints
  • Epoxy grout gives smooth and creamy consistency

To point a few features, epoxy grout is sterile, chemical resistant, has high strength, durable joints, bacteria and stain resistant, has high abrasion resistant and it is ideas for contact with any aqueous food items. 

Consideration to use Epoxy grout 
Although epoxy is considered to be a difficult material for using, the advantages are ample. It has the potential to prevent major potential problems that may occur over a period. While talking about some consideration, it is recommendable to see some examples that the contractor has done for installing on ceramic floors. Make sure if the contractor has enough experience in tile setting with epoxy to avoid dissatisfaction at the end of completion of work.