Why is Slip Resistant Flooring important for Homes 

Although many homeowners prefer installing finely polished shiny tile floors, hardwood floors or gorgeous looking granite, these materials always come with the risk of causing potentially dangerous slips and trips. We all know that smooth floors are easier to slip on, particularly when water is spilled. The condition can worsen, particularly when children and seniors are involved. This emphasizes the need to consider a slip resistant floor that can replace hazardous flooring and increase traction.

What to do:

When it comes to young children and an aging population, it is especially important to create an accident free home.  One of the first areas that can be addressed is by eliminating any types of slip inducing flooring and replacing them with a safer option rather than rushing (or even being rushed) to hospital after an accident occurs. 

Most homes feature hard flooring that includes vinyl, linoleum, ceramic smooth tile, smooth stone, concrete and others in some part of the home interior like the bathroom, laundry, kitchen and even garage. These areas are more prone to slips and trips as the chances of water spillage is higher. 

One option to consider is Rhino ArmaFloor's range of decorative polyaspartic and epoxy coatings.  Armafloor provides a unique and decorative alternative to tile and other flooring.  With added slip resistant granule these roller applied floor coatings can be applied over old and new concrete and other substrates, providing the home owner with a choice of beautiful colours and a finish that is both slip resistant and durable. 


  • Rhino Armafloor polyaspartic and epoxy coatings can be applied on concrete and other hard surfaces enhancing the look and feel of the floor.
  • Slip resistant granules can be added to eliminate the risk of slip in any wet area.
  • Rhino Armafloor coatings works effectively in all conditions such as greasy, wet or dry floors with the addition of slip resistant granules
  • Rhino ArmaFloor is easy and fast to apply - even in a day (depending on the size of the area). There is no need to wait long for the floor to dry
  • Anti-slip treatment can be effective for even more than five years

Meeting the AS/NZS 4586 Standard for slip resistant flooring, Rhino Linings offers you the one of the very best slip resistant flooring solutions for the prevention of slips and trips in your home.