Why employ a flooring contractor when you can DIY your own epoxy floor ?

Experts say that epoxy floor coatings just may be the best choice for garage floors. Why is this? Here are some facts to know about epoxy flooring, especially as the benefits of epoxy are varied:
  • Epoxies are resist spills and stains.
  • An epoxy coated floor will uphold for years and can withstand many abuses.
  • The surface is generally glossy and smooth. It will give even give your garage a highly professional finish, some even go so far as to say "a show room finish".
  • Epoxy floor coatings are highly resistant to chipping, scuffing and other chemicals.
  • Epoxies are available in a wide range of colours and since they are liquid, colour chips and even slip resistant granules, sand or quarts can be added into its surface, providing a highly unique and decorative finish.
There are numbers of epoxies available on the marketing ranging from low odour and water based systems to full on, nasty solvent based. Most of these epoxies are developed for DIY users and sold at home improvement and a hardware store such as Bunning's or Masters. Although the DIY epoxy is cheap and is definitely an affordable option, there are some potential cons too. This can include issues ranging from :-
  • Potentially hazardous vapours
  • The application process can be demanding and even finicky
  • Light colours may turn yellow and dark colours fade when exposed to UV.
However, some epoxy systems are available only from industrial manufacturing and supply companies such as the Rhino Linings epoxy floor coating range. Although the public have purchased Rhino's flooring products directly, we prefer to advise customers that our product be applied by recommended and approved flooring applicators. This is especially important as many of our customers want a highly professional and guaranteed finish and realise the result that a flooring contractor can provide is very different to what they can do themselves.

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