About Us

Since Rhino Linings inception in 1988, Rhino's mission has been to develop top-quality, high performance hybrid polyurethanes, pure polyurea, polyurethanes and epoxys.  Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd is proud to develop protective coatings products that repeatedly dominate the spray on lining marketing for retail, commercial and industrial applications.  It is because of this success Rhino Linings has formed several highly competitive business units including - Rhino Automotive, Rhino Industrial, Rhino Military and Rhino Flooring.

As the brand name leader in ute and truck bed liners, consumers have come to like, know and trust Rhino's protective coating quality, strength and durability for their prized possessions.  Due to Rhino's strong brand presence and growth of the company divisions, the company has continued to experience increased growth year after year.

With over 2000 Applicators and contractors operating in 80 countries around the world, the Rhino Linings name is synonymous with premium polyurethane products.  With leading performing polymer and polyurethane formulations and modern application equipment, Rhino will continue to set the standard in the protective coatings industry.

Rhino Linings conducts the selling of its linings via an exclusive network of independently owned and operated Dealers and contractors. Rhino Linings provides on-going technical support services for its Applications including on-site technical representation anywhere in the world. We invest heavily in corporate marketing to build brand awareness and product acceptance. This marketing drives consumer demand for the company's premium protective linings and in doing so generates demand for the services provided by the Rhino Linings Dealers.

Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd is the Australasian Head Quarters for Rhino Linings Corp. From facilities located on the Gold Coast, 50 minutes South of Brisbane, Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd is able to provide a stream-lined inventory model and prompt shipments to all locations across Australasian region, regardless of quantities required.  Clients enjoy confidence in uninterrupted material supply

With an increasing number of domestic and international Rhino applicators offering Rhino Linings specialised formulations, comprehensive system packages, practical experience and professional support, know you are in good hands.  Visit www.rhinolinings.com.au for more information.