About Rhino Linings

At Rhino Linings we take great pride in the fact that we are the only company in the world that manufactures a range of high pressure and low pressure plural component spray equipment and the chemical lining systems.

Being the designer and manufacturer of both the application equipment and the chemical linings systems places Rhino Linings at a unique technical advantage over standard system houses and importers.

Our philosophy of providing a "complete" package to our Dealers extends to intensive training and on-going technical support. It is vital for our future that our Dealers are using our equipment and chemical systems effectively and profitably.

Our commitment to you as a dealer, or as a customer is total from the beginning to the end. We manufacture the application equipment, we manufacture the lining systems, we train and technically support our dealers and we offer specification, contracting and consulting services to provide better solutions.

I invite you to explore the unique advantages we offer. Whether your requirements are heavy industrial solutions or light commercial and automotive, Rhino Linings has the solution for you.