RhinoPro Hi-Flow

Plural Component Proportioning Unit

The RhinoPro Hi-Flow plural component spray machine is a portable, low volume and high volume industrial spray rig designed for the commercial/industrial applicator. With multiple functioning modes the RhinoPro Hi-Flow machine can be operated as an air assist low volume machine or on larger applications as an airless high volume spray rig.

The plural proportioning unit delivers precisely metered chemicals at variable flow rates to provide ease of use and consistent and predictable results. A high volume delivery system keeps the chemical up to the proportioning unit and chemical consumption is measured on a digital volume counter ensuring you stay in control of your cost.

RhinoPro Hi-Flow Machine Specicifications

  • Max Output: 10kg/minute @spray tip
  • Compressor Air Requirments: 20cfm minimum
  • Electrical: 240v/10Amp AC
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Dimensions: 1500 x 600 x 930mm (excludes chemical drums and transfer pumps)
  • Heated Hose Length: 15m to 60m.
  • Ratio: 2:1

Further Information

Data Sheet

RhinoPro Hi-Flow NEW RhinoPro Hi-Flow spray machine 4/10/2012 pdf download