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Battle Jacket®

An Introduction

An urgent requirement existed in 2004 for the Army to prevent and/or minimize fuel leakage on fuel tankers due to small arms fire from insurgents in the war in Iraq. Fuel leakage from the tankers resulted in hazardous conditions to troops transporting the fuel as well as operational risks caused by the lack of fuel. Based on the excellent results obtained in US military testing, this system is being implemented in Iraq and Kuwait on all fuel tankers in service. Other applications are also being considered by the US military.

Military Applications

If you were ever in doubt of just how tough Rhino Linings is ... You should see what the Defence Forces do with our products!

The escalation in the war against terror has seen Rhino Linings take an active role in the protection of military personnel and equipment in trouble spots around the world. Internationally defence forces rely on the superior strength of Rhino Linings to protect their soldiers and their equipment.

Rhino Linings provides superior solutions against abrasion, corrosion, impact and blast mitigation and are used to enhance composite armour products.

Rhino Linings REXAR® range of military approved linings can be found in military helicopters, personnel carriers, composite armour plates, fuel tanker linings and many other military applications.

Of course Rhino Linings doesn't only supply cutting edge technology linings to the defence forces but also supplies superior solutions to more general applications such as corrosion and abrasion protection of vehicles, secondary containment solutions for fuel depots, waterproofing and flooring solutions.



To view the latest test results from a simulated car bomb attack view this News Report footage and original video footage.



  • Blast Mitigation - Vehicles and structures.
  • Tank Skins
  • Helicopter Pads
  • Fleet Vehicles - personnel carriers, ambulances etc
  • Radar Towers and communication centres.
  • Mobile accommodation and offices.
  • Primary and Secondary Containment
  • Helicopters - composite armour skins.
  • Bridges - portable


  •  Conforms to any shape and size.
  • Highly flexible material eliminates or reduces shrapnel and other collateral damage.
  • Adds structural integrity.
  • Corrosion and abrasion protection.
  • Tenacious adhesion for long term service.
  • Adjustable thickness depending on the level of protection required.