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The polyurea system is made up of polyether-amines or an amine terminated polyol. This polymer is reactive and does not need a catalyst (it is an auto catalytic polymer). This reactivity (or gel time) is characteristically fast (in the 4-5 second range) and cures well on cold surfaces. Reactivity is also so fast and preferential that polyurea floor coatings are generally moisture insensitive and do not react with humidity and moist substrates.

This system has one disadvantage in that it has a fast gel time, making it difficult to use where applications require a smooth surface or a delay is required to allow the coating to flow into those hard to reach areas and corners.

Polyurea applications?

Polyurea floor coatings can be applied to virtually any required thickness in one application. Premium, pure polyurea are not usually multi coat systems. This results in very fast application and turnaround times. Hybrid polyurea is more susceptible to moisture and has a longer "gel time" because of the addition of cheaper polyurethane components.

Pipe lining Polyurea Pipe Lining

As with polyurethanes, polyurea coatings can also be applied after the pipe has been manufactured. The benefits of this is that there will be no hefty infrastructure costs to manufacture pre-lined pipes. They can be sprayed onsite or in remote locations; still giving the premium protection required for connections and field joins.

Polyurea Bund

Bund floor coatings

Polyurea is the perfect solution to apply a premium protective seamless membrane for an existing bund whether that bund be an earthen or a manufactured substrate.

Water, wastewater and sewerage Polyurea Waste Water Treatment Works

The water and wastewater industry requires a corrosion protection system that is able to withstand the corrosive environment often experienced in municipal infrastructure. As with polyurethanes, Rhino Linings has specially formulated premium 2:1 and 1:1 pure, polyurea coatings. They are far superior to other hybrid or modified products, and provide excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance, adhesion, and resistance to cathodic disbondment and undercutting.

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