What is Polyurethane Floor Coating?

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Polyurea and polyurethane elastomeric coatings are one of the fastest growing technologies of choice for many industrial applications, particularly in harsh environments and where the application requires additional performance characteristics, other than just corrosion protection.

Originally developed for military use by Otto Bayer in the late 1930's, polyurethane elastomers are a versatile, thermoset plastic. Basically it is the result of a chemical reaction between an isocyanate and a polyol resin blend.

The polyurethane system is made up of various polyol subcomponents (polyether, polyester) and as a rule, requires catalysts in order to cure rapidly. An advantage of this system is that the catalyst can be adjusted to control the reaction profile to fit the application. Some applications require a smoother finish, but if the system gels too fast, a rough orange peel surface will result.

Fast and effective systems

Polyurethane floors are mostly spray applied but can also be cast and sometimes hand-rolled. Typically, the "gel" time for spray applied polyurethane systems ranges from 15 - 30 seconds. It is this fast setting time that provides many of its advantages. For example, some applications require the coating to flow into hard to spray areas or corners and so need a few extra seconds before gelling.

Polyurethane applications

A polyurethane floor coating can be applied to virtually any required thickness in one application. They are not usually multi-coat systems. This results in very fast applications and turnaround times.

TANK LININGS Polyurethane Water Tank Linings

Premium polyurethane coatings are 100% solids, instant setting, two-component and highly cross-linked. They are suitable for potable water and offer dramatic advantages over the conventional, solvent-based epoxy technologies or solvent-enhanced polyurethanes.

They also have zero taste impact - very important when assessing potable water approval because many other products do impart a "plastic" taste when it comes to potable water.

Not only do the unique curing features of premium polyurethane floor coatings drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to actually line the tank, they also cut the required curing time by over one third.

Pipe Lining

The advantage of premium polyurethanes is that they can be applied after the pipe has been manufactured and therefore, do not require a large infrastructure cost to build a pre-lined pipe.

Premium polyurethane floors can also be sprayed or poured in remote locations, while still retaining the fantastic protection required for field joints and internal connections commonly found in the pipe industry.

BundPolyurethane Bund

Premium polyurethanes give the applicator and customer the opportunity to apply a seamless membrane to an existing bund or a cheaply manufactured earthen bund, in a short time without great costs.

They can also be designed to have densely cross-linked characteristics to dramatically resist chemical attack.

Water, wastewater and sewerage Polyurethane water channel

The water, wastewater and sewerage industry requires a protection system that is able to withstand the corrosive environment often experienced by municipal infrastructure.

Specially formulated, premium 2:1 polyurethanes offer far superior protection than standard systems, giving excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance, improved adhesion, and resistance to cathodic disbondment and undercutting.

The benefits of elastomeric polyurethane floors

Rhino Linings elastomeric polyurea and polyurethane coatings currently protect a variety of structures, including storage tanks, oil and gas pipelines, water and wastewater, marine vessels, and commercial facilities. The applications have been successful because of:

  • Excellent life expectancy and superior mechanical performance
  • Excellent resistance to aggressively corrosive environments
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Fast application
  • Low and cold temperature curing capability
  • Excellent adhesion,
  • Unlimited film build in one application,
  • Compliance with the most rigorous regulations on solvent and volatile, organic compound (VOC) emissions.

If you would like to find out more about polyurethane floors or want to make an enquiry, give Rhino Lining a call today on 1300 88 77 80.

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