Corrosion Protection for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants

The primary purpose of any water and wastewater treatment plant is generally to dispose of human and industrial effluents without hazardous risk to human health or undesirable damage to the surrounding natural environment. So what steps can be taken to ensure that the plant works to its optimum level with minimum maintenance and shutdown?

Materials used in building these plants are typically concrete and steel, most of which are exposed to major chemical activity. Unprotected and exposed concrete, in particular, is subject to deterioration due to prolonged exposure to aggressive water and gas attack. This reaction can be caused by the dissolution of lime and other soluble compounds in the concrete. Concrete will quickly erode and deteriorate in this type of aggressive environment.

To assist in the prevention of concrete attack and erosion and provide corrosion protection for water and waste water treatment plants RhinoGuard 2195, RhinoChem 2170 and Rhino Pure Polyurea have been successfully utilised in a large number of Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and sewer Treatment Plants (STP) systems throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and Northern Territory for their chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistant properties

One recent job, highlighted below, was carried out by Rhino Linings at one of the Bendigo Waste Water Treatment Plant sites. A sewage storage tank was leaking due to cracks in the concrete floor and the walls were being attacked by effluent gases and chemical rich moisture.


  • Cracks in floors
  • Gas attack.


  • The cracks covered with RhinoGuard 2195 hybrid polyurethane
  • The concrete above the water line was also coated with RhinoGuard
  • 2185 hybrid polyurethane to prevent further attack from gas and moisture.

Corrosion Protection: Sewerage Treatment Plants

As with any application for corrosion, success is reliant on the preparation process of the substrate to be effective. Poor surface preparation is the leading cause of elastomeric coating failure. Any protective coating system applied to concrete must demonstrate excellent adhesion and have a bond strength that exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete. Rhino Linings are high build linings (2mm to unlimited thickness) that exhibit excellent elongation, remain flexible year after year, adhere tenaciously and remain extremely durable in even the harshest environments.

All Rhino formulations are tack free within minutes reducing expensive downtime.


Whether it is the corrosive characteristics of wastewater or protecting concrete from de-ionized water, shield your substrate from rust, corrosion, and pitting. From solvent-based coatings to no VOC's, 100% solids based coating, let Rhino Linings help you find a premium protective solution to protect your concrete substrate, contact us today on 1300 887 0780

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