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Rhino Linings Blog

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Mine Site Heavy Vehicle Protection by Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings provides heavy vehicle protection

Large Mining Truck - Rhino LiningsLarge mining trucks are the cornerstone of the mining industry, moving material such as coal, sand, rock and ore.  They are built tough for the terrain they work in, but sometimes some added protection is required due to the highly corrosive environment that exists on a mine site.  Following are three case studies of work completed by Rhino Linings of Singleton, NSW Australia.

The cab of Komatsu Haulcab

This Komatsu 830e 240 ton Haulcab cab is part of a Rio Tinto fleet used in the highly corrosive environment that exists on a mine site. The cab had started to corrode, and there was concerned the existing floor matting did not meet their slip-resistant requirements. Additionally, dirt and moisture were being trapped beneath the partially bolted down mat causing further corrosion. Moisture was also creating an odour in the cab.

The cab was first sandblasted and repaired before application of Rhino Prime 251 and Rhino TUFF STUFF.  Slip-resistant particles were also applied to finish off the application.  The company was pleased with the cab and intends, over the coming months, to have the same work carried out on the balance of their fleet of Komatsu dump trucks.


Caterpillar 793 Haul Truck Fuel Tanks Protected by Rhino LiningsCaterpillar 793 Haul Truck Fuel Tanks

This Caterpillar 793 Haul Truck is part of a fleet used in the extremely corrosive environment that exists on mine sites.

The 5,000 ltr fuel tanks of these Caterpillar 793 Haul trucks, located directly behind the front wheel, acts as a mudguard and are incredibly vulnerable to impact and of course corrosion. To obtain a much longer service life, the client required the fuel tanks to have as much impact and corrosion resistance as possible.

Due to the weight of these tanks, the work included having the tank suspended by a crane to prepare the area before the application of  Rhino TUFF STUFF ®.  The entire tank was painted Caterpillar yellow upon completion.

The fast cure time of Rhino TUFF STUFF® allows for easy application to vertical and overhead surfaces. The client intends to have further fuel tanks sprayed as they are removed for inspection.


Caterpillar 798 Haul Truck Mud Guards Protected by Rhino LiningsCaterpillar 798 Haul Truck Mud Guards

Rhino Linings protective coatings are used in many areas of a  mine site including bunds, machinery, flooring, conveyor belt maintenance in addition to heavy vehicle protection for corrosion and impact.

The mudguard of a Caterpillar 798 Haul Truck is situated directly over the front left-hand wheel and is extremely vulnerable to impact and corrosion.  Rhino Linings TUFF STUFFwas used in this area for its corrosion and impact protection properties.  Also, the battery box and door were also sprayed to prevent the battery from shorting out on the metal surface should it become dislodged from its mounting.

The first guard has been in operation for well over 18 months now and is showing no signs of wear.

A further three guards have been sprayed since the trial.

Rhino Linings spray applied products continue to provide the same protection for large vehicles such as these and other industrial mining applications on mine sites throughout Australia and Internationally.

Contact Rhino Linings Head Office today on +61 7 5585 7000 and talk to our team of highly trained technicians.  Our Technical team have worked on major projects all over the world and have industry leading experience in the correct use of our application equipment and lining systems.


Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 08 January 19

The Best Flooring for Indoor Dog Kennels - ArmaFloor 200SC Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel 

Brand new dog boarding Kennels being constructed in Tooradin, VIC, with the owners wanting an “easy to clean” & “urine resistant” slip-resistant coating for their 600sqm Dog Boarding Kennels concrete floor.

Rhino Linings Gippsland provided a self-levelling basecoat with our ArmaFloor 200 SC with 30/60 Aggregate Sand broadcast throughout whilst the coating was still wet to help provide the slip-resistance for our durable, seamless & excrement resistant ArmaFloor 500 Polyaspartic Topcoat.

Dog Kennels being protected by Rhino Linings

The cleaning process will be made easy by using a Pet-Friendly foaming detergent such as our own Rhino FP101 Floor Cleaner with a simple hose down.

The other advantages of our ArmaFloor 500 Polyaspartic Flooring System are that it is both Colour & UV Stable with a high gloss finish + has excellent scratch, abrasion & impact resistance, ticking all the boxes required for this application & many others.

Work completed by Rhino Linings Gippsland

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 17 December 18

Potable Water Tank Linings

PROJECT DETAILS: Potable Water Storage Reservoir

This very large Potable Water Storage Reservoir required a full external/internal steel and concrete repair program following a major floor leakage issue found in early 2014.

Potable Water Storage Reservoir Before and After Shots of Rhino Lining


External Steel Walls

This extensive area of the tank was blasted and primed with a commercially available and multiple coat epoxy paint system.

The Internal Steel Walls (down to 600mm above the floor joint)

This extensive area of the tank was blasted and primed with a commercially available and multiple coat epoxy paint system which was potable water approved.

Wall to Floor Steel/Concrete Ring Joint

The steel wall was blasted to a Class 2 1/2 blast with a 50-70 micron profile then primed with RhinoPrime 251 Primer.

The concrete floor section of the wall joint was primed with RhinoPrime SP150. Both primers were then coated in 3.5-4mm DFT of black pigmented Rhino PP1195 Pure Polyurea.


The previously installed failed joint sealer was removed and replaced with a Sika approved sealant. A Rhino Linings approved bridging membrane system was then applied over the flexible joints followed by the application of a 3-4mm DFT Rhino PP1195 Pure Polyurea bridging membrane out to termination points 300mm either side of the spiral joints and the ring beam joint.


The customer specified non-destructive testing for this application that involved Holiday (Spark) Testing only and DFT measurement at multiple points around the coating system including the Rhino application.


This project was completed in late 2014 and has been providing the potable water supply to Murwillumbah and surrounds in the Tweed Valley for the past four years without any leakage, failure, or otherwise.

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Rhino Linings Industrial Coatings

Committed to providing you with the right solution

At Rhino Linings Australasia, we provide you with a complete range of the latest technologies in pure polyurea and polyurethane coatings for industrial coatings.  Rhino Linings is fast becoming the polyurethane supplier of choice for a number of major builders, mining companies and project managers in the Australasian region.

Our commitment to research and development is a priority; our focus is to provide premium quality products, coatings, solutions, services and support to you – our customer.

Our range of spray-applied industrial coatings includes pure polyurea, polyurethane, modified polyurea, polyaspartic coatings, and approved primers in addition to the 2:1 and 1:1 spray machines.

Pure polyurea and polyurethane coatings during application for industrial coatings

Rhino Linings Industrial Coatings:

Rhino PP2190 & RhinoGuard 2185 are the most flexible of our flagship formulations, maintaining their integrity under repeated flexing and impact, regardless of film thickness.  They have excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance and provide sound deadening and vibration absorption further reducing plant fatigue.  They are an excellent liner for:

  • Conveyor belt repairs
  • Hoppers and chutes
  • Impact plates
  • Noise reduction applications
  • Secondary containment

Rhino MP2195 & RhinoGuard 2195 are slightly harder more rigid formulations that provide greater chemical and corrosion resistance.  They provide excellent abrasion, corrosion and compressive strength characteristics, these formulations are ideal for:

  • Material chutes and hoppers where hang-up is a problem
  • Primary storage tanksSlurry tanks
  • Rake arms and paddles.

RhinoChem is the Rhino Linings formulation with the highest chemical and acid resistance.  It is the most rigid formulation with the highest crosslinking, but still provides greater flexibility than traditional epoxy-based products.  The lining offers excellent corrosion protection and resists attack from acid and other chemicals, making it excellent for:

  • Wastewater applications
  • ClarifiersPrimary containment applications (including potable water)
  • Secondary containment for aggressive chemicals

Being the manufacturer of a range of premium protection products we can offer you unbiased, superior, cost-effective solutions to your abrasion, impact, corrosion, containment and chemical attach problems.  Rhino Linings is thoroughly dedicated to coming up with the right answers.
Rhino Linings has a team of highly trained technicians who have an excellent knowledge of polyurethane systems, additives and machinery.  This experience includes the development of systems for a wide range of applications, hands-on operation and servicing of polyurethane dispensing equipment.

The complete adaptability of Rhino’s pure polyurea and polyurethane makes it a perfect fit for a number of areas that require industrial coatings within mining, industrial, and water and wastewater industries.

Our technicians have worked on major projects all over the world and have industry leading experience in the correct use of our application equipment and lining systems from potable waterproof membranes, bunds or protecting assets from corrosion and abrasion resistance. We work closely with a number of approved applicators and Rhino dealers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia to ensure customer requirements are met.


Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 27 November 18

Secondary Containment for Transformer Bund

Spray Applied Seamless, Monolithic Bund Liners

Impervious secondary containment bunding is now a legal requirement in Australia especially around tanks, storage vessels and other plant that contains liquid that can be dangerous or hazardous to the environment.

Bund Liners that meet EPA Requirements

Bunds should be designed to contain spillages and leaks of liquids used, stored or processed above ground and to facilitate clean-up operations. As well as being used to prevent pollution of the receiving environment, bunds are also used for fire protection, product recovery and process isolation.” http://www.epa.sa.gov.au/xstd_files/Waste/Guideline/guide_bunding.pdf accessed 01/10/2014

Bund Liners that meet EPA Requirements using Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings RhinoGuard 2195, a Hybrid Polyurethane, is the ideal solution for long-term sealing of bund areas and protection against attack by transformer oil.

For this particular project, special cleaning techniques were developed to remove transformer oil that had already been spilt and seal the concrete before coating with RhinoGuard 2195.   This ensured that the transformer bund would contain all spilt oil/water mixture during the remaining life of this infrastructure.

No More Leaks, No more Fines by Authorities

Lining bunds like this demonstrate to the EPA / State / Federal authorities that a company has made a concentrated effort to contain any leaks saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in future possible fines.

The work was carried out by Sydney based Rhino Linings Approved Applicator Australian Protective Coatings.


Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 13 November 18

Best Practice Tips for the Auto Mechanic - Safety in the Workplace

Whether you are a seasoned auto mechanic or are just opening your first shop, it never hurts to take a look around at your safety for yourself, staff and customers alike. So we have gathered a few tips here to help keep your garage accident free and the cars the cars you are working on safe.

General Safety

  • Make sure that staff are aware that they are not allowed to eat their lunches or snacks in the work area. There are dangerous chemicals in the garage, and this practice can be risky.
  • Have a fire safety procedure posted and make sure all staff are familiar with it and understand what to do in case a fire starts.
  • Spill control materials should be kept in the garage, and all staff should be aware of the location as well as proper use.
  • Eyewash and shower stations should also be available in case of emergency.

Once all of these safety precautions are in place review with all staff members and be certain new staff members are taken through the routine.

 Auto Mechanic workplaces made safe by Rhino Linings


When it comes to your floors ensure they to meet OH&S requirements

  • The floor of your garage must have drains that are correctly connected to the sewer as dictated and outlined by your local council.
  • You may also require an oil-water separator.
  • Consider an epoxy garage floor coatings such as Rhino Armafloor to seal and protect the floor.  Keep in mind that any product used should be non-combustible as well as resistant to chemicals and oils.
  • Floors should be free of cracks and damage that would allow for leaking and seepage of harmful chemicals. 
  • Another advantage of having an epoxy floor coating like Rhino ArmaFloor installed, are that they are seamless, slip resistant, easy to clean and durable.
  • Not only are epoxy floors functional, that are aesthetically pleasing too.
  • With the use of custom coloured pigments, areas can be easily marked out for walkways and access areas.

General Equipment

  • Light bulbs used in the garage area should be Teflon coated.
  • The use of mini-heaters and furnaces should not be allowed in the garage.
  • Your hydraulic lifts must be checked on a monthly basis to avoid deadly accidents.
  • You should also do routine checks for things such as frayed extension or electrical cords, ensure you have them TAG tested.

Following these basic safety tips will help you avoid accidents as well as serious issues with chemicals and potential fire hazards.

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 31 October 18

Reducing the Cost of Replacing Life Rafts

Safety is a vital aspect of all activities taking place in a maritime environment. A critical component of this is an effective and safe operation of life rafts. A variety of companies provide training in life raft handling for offshore rig and platform personnel, helicopter pilots and the crews of ocean-going vessels.

Older Type raft IFAP training – Fremantle

One common training scenario is that of a helicopter ditching at sea. A mock-up of a helicopter cabin is suspended above a diving pool and dropped sideways into the water. Trainees have to get out of the helicopter and into a deployed life raft. These courses often run several times a week, throughout the year.

Life rafts are designed to be deployed only in an emergency, so deployment dozens of times a year for training purposes means conventional canvas-lined rafts have a limited lifespan. To reduce the cost of continually replacing training rafts, Dreamboats WA (part of DSBC Pty Ltd) designed and constructed a non-inflatable alternative called “Hewey”. This training raft comprises cylindrical, closed-cell foam sections coated in 2mm thick spray-applied Rhino TUFF STUFF.

Hewey Training Rafts are  OPITO Approved and Shipped Worldwide

“Hewey” training rafts have an expected lifespan of at least five years. Being solid foam there can be no leaks which virtually eliminates most maintenance requirements and allows continual use in the training environment: a considerable cost saving for those organisations that run survival training courses in the oil, gas and aviation industries. The stable life rafts have been approved by OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation UK) for practical use providing the organisation has a conventional aviation life raft for viewing purposes.

Polyurethane coated HEWEY life raft – work completed by Dreamboats, WA

Polyurethane coated HEWEY life raft – work completed by Dreamboats, WA

“Hewey” training rafts are similar in appearance to a traditional reversible aviation life raft and can be customised to match any life raft used in existing training courses. Sized to fit into a standard 20ft shipping container. These training rafts are now shipped worldwide from the manufacturer’s Fremantle factory.

RLA has been working with polyurethanes since the early 1990s and now manufactures a range of consistent formulations in Australia which are suitable for a variety of applications. “Many people do not know that spray-applied coatings are a very versatile and adaptable method for protecting a range of flexible structures,” Baker added.

Whereas epoxies and paints form a solid shell, the flexibility of polyurethane coatings allows them to move with the expansion and contraction of the underlying structure and as temperatures change.

Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd (RLA) was formed in 2000 and established manufacturing and distribution capabilities for the region. RLA manufacturers its spray applied coatings in Australia and can draw on the more than 30 years experience of its American parent. The company sources all its materials from local suppliers except for some very specialised chemicals which are imported from America.
Contact us if you have any queries regarding our product or interested in becoming a Rhino Approved Applicator.

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HyRail Trucks – Rail Maintenance Vehicles

Built for FMG Mining, this Isuzu truck is fitted with a HyRail system which means it has Train Wheels and drive system on the front and rear and therefore can travel on the client's rail line.  The truck can operate on regular roads using its rubber wheels.  When it gets to a rail line, it straddles the rail line, and the HyRail units fold down lifting the truck off its rubber wheels.

protective coatings for hyrail system in raile line track maintenance

The role of this vehicle is to carry equipment along the rail line and perform track maintenance.

Now the question is why did they go to all the trouble of coating the entire underbody, chassis, diffs, HyRail unit,  diesel and air tanks?

Well, the answer is simple – Most of the roads this truck travels on to, and from, the rail line is mainly gravel which is sprayed with water 24hrs a day for dust suppression.  It is a waste to use good clean drinking water, so they often use second grade reclaimed water from dams or the ocean, and it is very salty.

Salt Water + Dirt + Chipped Paint = RUST !

… and very quickly it will rust – this truck is worth about $500,000 so they would like it to last up to 10 years.

So from both a cost saving and ease of application perspective we use a combination of High Build Industrial Epoxy and Rhino Linings polyurethane coating system.

First, everything is sprayed with a 300µm DFT coating of our High Build black Epoxy (known as Beamastic). This product also provides an excellent primer or base for the Rhino product.

Then we merely spray Rhino Duraspray on anything we think will cop the flying debris.  This is typically the chassis rails near the rear wheels, the fuel and auxiliary tanks that stick out the side, both diffs, and in this case, the HyRail units mainly because they are costly and the client wanted the added insurance of the double coating (Epoxy and Rhino)

Work completed by Beam Rustproofing located in Belmont WA.  For further information contact Beam on (08) 9325 1399

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Loading Dock Floors

Slip-resistant surfaces, clear, unfettered access and defined pedestrian walkways help combat potential hazards around loading dock floors.

A loading dock, whether it be for a warehouse, hotel,  shopping centre or industrial premises is the key point of access for the delivery and dispatch of stock.  It is essential that these areas are well designed, maintenance free,  provide clear access and meet OH&S requirements for the prevention of slip, trips and falls.

“Slips occur when a person’s foot loses traction with the ground surface due to wearing inappropriate footwear or when walking on slippery floor surfaces such as those that are highly polished, wet or greasy.” [Safework Australia. 2012]

Slip resistant walkway using Rhino LiningMost loading docks and access areas, including walkways, are concrete.  However, uncoated concrete can be slippery, particularly if water or liquid has been accidentally spilt.  If this an issue in your workplace, rather than replacing the floor, have it coated with a slip-resistant surface coating such as Rhino Linings ArmaFloor 400UHS.

A case in point is this busy loading dock walkway which is located at an inner city apartment in Southbank, Victoria.  In addition to being coated with Rhino ArmaFloor 400UHS, slip-resistant particles were added to this loading dock floor providing safe access to and from the dock.  What’s more, the floor coating was custom coloured to define the pedestrian walkway ensuring the area is highly visible for all users, further improving safety in the workplace.

Rhino Linings Flooring applicators offer a range of solutions and long-term benefits for the customer whose focus is on safety in the workplace, long-lasting durability and minimal downtime. Contact us now for more information.

Save on cost, Save on time, Save on OH&S penalties.

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Slip Resistant Flooring for Fishing Boats and Cruisers

Rhino ArmaFloor: The Ultimate Marine Flooring Protection

Boat on water - use ArmaFloor the ultimate marine flooring protection

Rhino ArmaFloor provides a range of slip resistant coatings for marine flooring protection including decks, pontoons and galleys.  These floor coatings not only look good, but are easy to clean and intolerant to the formation of algae, bacteria, and other growths.

Rhino Linings Epoxy Floors for Marine Flooring Protection

If you own a boat, you know how important it is to maintain safe flooring for your deck and other access areas on your vessel.  Safety is paramount for both you and your crew especially when it comes to the issue of a slippery boat deck, a regular occurrence particularly if you are a fishing enthusiast. Rhino ArmaFloor provides an exceptional non-slip coating to help alleviate this problem.

One key point to always keep top of mind is that there is no such thing as “non-skid” surface! It does not matter what anyone tries to tell you this is just not the case, particularly when it comes to stopping people slipping on boat decks.
Rhino ArmaFloor’s strong, durable coatings provide excellent wear resistance from regular foot traffic, it also offers high impact resilience especially when it comes to anchors and other gear regularly being dropped on the floor surface

Rhino ArmaFloor presents a multitude of benefits:

  • It’s seamless; therefore algae, bacteria and other growths cannot occur
  • It’s  easy to clean
  • It resists salt water, fuel and is chemically resistant
  • It even provides impact and abrasion resistant properties
ArmaFloor 500 system used on deck of boat


Not just for your fishing boat, speed boat or luxury cruiser, Rhino ArmaFloor can be professionally installed by Rhino approved applicators in other areas including pontoons, walkways, or even spaces that require a more unique, decorative finish.   So why not choose the obvious solution, for the ultimate in marine flooring protection opt for a seamless, slip-resistant epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating and protect your marine vessel and your crew.

Rhino ArmaFloor: Slip Resistant  |  Durable  |  Seamless  |  Easy to Clean

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 11 September 18

Modular Home - Waterproofing and Flooring



Epoxy Flooring using on Modular Home

These purpose-built homes are an innovation of Lifebuilding Pty Ltd, an organisation that supplies easy to erect modular homes for Indigenous & Remote Communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

These homes are supplied in “flat pack” panels where they can be shipped to remote locations. This typical 4 bedroom dwelling was erected in 28 days with one qualified tradesman and 5 high school students.

Rhino Linings products have been incorporated into the bathrooms of these modular homes to provide a seamless approved waterproof flooring system that is decorative yet durable.

Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF was used as a base coat to provide an approved waterproof seal and coated with Rhino ArmaFloor 500 for that decorative yet durable finish.

Senior Management from QLD Housing inspected this house in the factory and in community (Palm Island).  A physical test, bouncing a crowbar off the floor surface was conducted by the head of QLD Housing.  The results were astonishing, and comments made as to the potential long-term cost savings by using Rhino Linings for all future wet area floor and wall systems.

Both senior management for Qbuild and QLD Housing were highly impressed by the durability of this product as it offered a tough, seamless, waterproof membrane to the many vulnerable surface junctions typical in wet areas.

Being a seamless coating, Both Rhino Tuff Stuff and ArmaFloor 500 have no joins or corner mitres that can peel away like typical sheet vinyl. The benefit being, that the modular’s bathroom was likely to extend its lifespan many years longer, therefore reducing expensive remote bathroom renovation costs. This easily applied liquid membrane can be applied in varying thicknesses, depending on each project specific application.

Rhino Linings has a range of products suitable to apply to many different bathroom substrates, including concrete floors and walls. This incredibly durable wet area solution has proven to provide significant full building lifecycle cost savings because it offers an easy clean and hygienic floor system that protects the surrounding building elements from moisture and infectious disease ingress, whilst preventing decay and corrosion of the building structure.

Rhino Linings ‘Tuff Stuff’ is used by USA and Australian military departments for armoured vehicle and equipment for bomb protection. This particular dwelling was supplied as a community transitional house for residents, while their houses were being renovated in community. This required a stronger than normal product specification, hence why Rhino Linings were chosen

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 28 August 18

Spray Applied Coatings for Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats

Rhino Linings Providing Strong Flexible Protective Coatings for Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats 

For a range of activities and operations in the maritime environment, small, manoeuvrable, robust, stable, high-speed boats are a necessity.

 Rescue services must respond quickly to emergencies at sea and port authorities need to get harbour pilots to and from ocean-going vessels for safe operation within a port area.

Similarly, police and the military, need to pursue vessels that are suspected of being involved in criminal activity and get officers on board quickly and safely.

For the several decades, a range of rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) have been built and refined by companies to meet the demands and stresses of all these tasks.

The combination of rigid hull and large inflatable buoyancy tubes was first developed in the 1960s. Unfortunately, these early developed inflatable sections were not very robust and were prone to deflating.

Research showed that the strength and durability of the inflatable sections could be dramatically improved by using spray-applied surface coatings to cover the tubes.

To be successful, coatings must be strong, flexible and resistant to the ravages of continual exposure to salt water and UV light.


Strong Flexible Protective Coatings for Rigid Hulled Boats


Polyurethane used Successfully to Protect Inflatables

Polyurethane coatings produced by Gold Coast-based Rhino Linings Australasia (RLA) are used by some RHIB manufacturers to protect and strengthen the inflatable sections and provide non-slip walkways on deck sections where required.

Rhino TUFF STUFF, a versatile spray applied polyurethane coating, provides maximum slip resistance with enhanced protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion.  This spray-on application creates a single, seamless coating, that conforms to any shape and size and bonds to virtually any substrates.

Polyurethane coatings made by Rhino Linings Australasia have a patented mix ratio that has been developed over many years. “We have dedicated staff who understand the chemistry of the product,” said Denis Baker, Special Projects Engineer at RLA. “They have a great depth of knowledge and experience for which products can be used and in what situations.”

The elastomeric properties of Rhino’s coating systems allow for application to surfaces that are subject to vibration, expansion, contraction, movement, flexing, abrasion and impact. The selected coating, in this case, is extremely flexible while maintaining its integrity under repeated flexing, regardless of film thickness.  


What is a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat?

RHIBs range in size from 4 to 9 metres, although some can be as long as 18 metres. Their shallow draught, high manoeuvrability, speed and relative immunity to damage in low-speed collisions are advantageous in the situations in which they operate. Constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale, the design of a RHIB is highly stable and seaworthy.

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Waterproof membrane for Box Gutters and Verandah's

Prevent Leaks with Rhino Linings Spray Applied Waterproof Solutions

There is no real “standard” when it comes to waterproofing, and this can cause headaches for many builders within the industry.  The variety of products, pricing and quality varies enormously, from cheap roll-on products (that is still deemed to meet the requirement) through to professional spray applied polyurethane protective coatings such as Rhino Tuff Stuff.

Peter and his team at Rhino Linings Warrnambool (Chemblast) have been applying Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff for a variety of waterproofing applications, including balcony waterproofing, for over ten years.  Seamless and impervious, the Rhino product has continually performed as expected. 

Though more expensive than competitors, Rhino Linings range of specialised spray applied waterproof coatings are starting to become very popular.  Builders with their warranties do not want to have a failure.  As one customer stated, “We can sleep at night through the entire buildings life knowing the upper level will not leak through to the bottom floor.” 

Experience, preparation and masking takes time, the costs may be higher, however, the durability and long-term results speak for themselves. 

Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF was applied as a waterproof membrane to a verandah floor

The project: Old Church
This church was purchased and transported to its new location prior to being converted into a family home. 

Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF was applied as a waterproof membrane to the verandah floor providing a seamless finish that tiles or other flooring materials can be added later. 

To complete the project, external box gutters were sealed preventing leaks and extending the life of the gutters.

Work completed by Chemblast Industrial Coatings

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 23 July 18

Providing Maximum Wear Resistance and Operational Life of Chute Slides

Wear Coat and Final Coat Protection for JetCrete Chute Slides

This particular project was for Jetcrete, Australia’s largest specialised shotcrete contractor for the mining and construction industry. The company was looking for a long-term durable solution that prevented both wear and concrete hang up.

Concrete chute slides are used to effectively control the flow of concrete from cement truck bowls to the location where the concrete is to be deposited.  However, due to the sliding abrasiveness of wet concrete, hang up is always an issue and can often contribute to onsite project delays.

To complete the project each chute was primed with RhinoPrime 251 in preparation for the application of RhinoChem 2170 a spray applied, seamless chemical and abrasion resistant polyurethane protective coating.


Wear Coat and Final Coat Protection for JetCrete Chute Slides


As wear was an issue with the chute slides a tinted wear coat was required, RhinoChem was applied in two different colours.  The first coating (coloured pink), was applied at a thickness of 3mm, its primary purpose is to serve as a wear indicator.  A final 3mm (cream tinted) coating was used to produce a low coefficient of friction reducing hang up, sticking or carryback of the concrete.

RhinoChem 2170 is a monolithic, seamless lining which conforms to any shape or size, it is especially suitable for applications that require a fast turnaround and an extended life cycle.

Work completed by: Australian Resin Coatings

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Balcony Waterproofing With Rhino Linings Waterproof Membranes

Waterproofing Apartment Balcony Floors 

Balcony waterproofing needs to be done right the first time, especially when it comes to apartment building balconies.  Water can and will leak slowly into any crack or crevice and over time will cause significant structural damage.  It can be an expensive exercise having it fixed at a later date.

Experienced builders understand that the quality and performance of a seamless waterproofing membrane is paramount in these types of applications.  It is the reason why Rhino Linings Warrnambool (Chemblast), for over ten years, has been contracted by building project managers to apply Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff for balcony waterproofing applications

Balcony Floor - Waterproofing Apartment

Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff provides a seamless, waterproof, monolithic membrane that is durable and will last long into the future.  Builders, tenants and landlords can rest easy at night knowing that water won’t be leaking down to the next level.  

With the addition of a fine aggregate, a slip-resistant finished can be provided - another benefit of using Rhino Tuff Stuff.
Experience, preparation and masking takes time; the costs may be higher, however the durability and long-term results speak for themselves.  

Work completed by Chemblast Industrial Coatings

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“Green Roof” – Rhino Linings Waterproofing Membrane Solution

Waterproof membrane for the rooftop of architecturally designed three-story

This three-story home was built on the side of the hill in Lorne, Victoria, overlooking the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait. To take advantage of the spectacular views afforded by this hillside residence, the new owners decided to repurpose the home’s rooftop and create a green roof. 

A green roof allows for added space were gardens and entertainment areas can be created for family and guests to enjoy. Another advantage of this type of roof is that it can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

However, architectural plans revealed that with the added weight of soil and landscaped gardens, the extra steel required and engineering costs to support the existing cantilever roof would increase building expenses significantly, a concern for both the homeowner and architect.  Alternative solutions were needed.

The architect who managed the entire design and construction process, “Designers by Nature”, Warrnambool Vic, contacted Peter from Chemblast (Rhino Linings Warrnambool) following the advice given by Rhino Linings Australasia company Engineer, Denis Baker, to discuss the Rhino waterproofing options for their weight saving structure that would completely seal the surface and perform well over the design life of the building.

Waterproof membrane for the rooftop

As seen in the images, the roof was subsequently built out of timber.  This medium was chosen to significantly lower the weight of the cantilever roof, negating the need for steel support posts to hold the roof up. 

Chemblast (Rhino Linings Warrnambool) sprayed the Australian manufactured Rhino Tuff Stuff, completely sealing the roof surface and box gutters.  Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF, a spray applied polyurethane protective coating provides a seamless membrane that is a Class III Wet Area Membrane,  root resistant, uniform in thickness and will not become brittle if exposed to UV or high temperatures. Rhino Tuff Stuff offers long term durability (CSIRO Testing) and its application capabilities are well recognised in the waterproofing industry.

Work completed by Chemblast Industrial Coatings

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Rust Protection for Fire Truck Chassis

Regular maintenance checks by the CFA ensure long-term solution for rusting fire truck chassis.

With our Australian climate, bushfires and grassfires can happen any time of the year.  Emergency Services need to be ready to respond to calls at a moment’s notice, as do their vehicles.

After a routine vehicle maintenance check, the Country Fire Authority (CFA), a community-based fire and emergency services organisation in Victoria, found a significant amount of rust on the chassis of one of their fire trucks. This one issue can have a vehicle out of action for weeks.

The CFA approached Chemblast (Rhino Linings Warrnambool) asking for a solution to their problem. The rust needed to be removed and the chassis surface resealed to prevent any further damage.

Firetruck frame painted with epoxy before being encapsulated with Rhino Tuff Stuff

The Fire Truck body was stripped from the chassis; rust and other contaminants removed with abrasive blasting.  Cross members were replaced where required, and the frame painted with epoxy before being encapsulated with Rhino Tuff Stuff to keep the rust in check.
The original work was carried out in 2015.  12 months later the job was reinspected by the CFA maintenance team and found to be in perfect condition. 

Accumulated rust on a truck chassis can have a vehicle taken immediately off the road or worse, could mean a full replacement.  The benefits of the type of application Chemblast provides mean that costs can be kept low and kept within budgetary constraints expected of the CFA.

Today Chemblast continues to work closely with the CFA; the company has now completed nine units in total.

Work completed by Chemblast Industrial Coatings

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Chute Wear Liners

Large in size and weight, these 2-tonne wear plates line a massive iron ore chute at the Yandi BHP mine site in the Pilbara, WA.

Australian Resin Coatings was engaged by Enduraclad International to provide a protective coating for the tungsten wear plates to protect the edges from chipping on installation - this proved successful


protective coating applied to tungsten wear plates


An ongoing trial, which is forecast to be carried out over the next five years, is to ascertain the suitability and durability of RhinoChem 2170 polyurethane and its ability to lengthen the life of the liners and help stop the ore from chipping the wear liners out from the edges.

Application Process

The surface area of the wear plates was prepared and primed with RhinoPrime 251.  Depending on the depth of the wear plate edge, 3-8mm of RhinoChem 2170 was applied to provide an extremely durable, abrasion and impact resistant surface.


Work completed by Australian Resin Coatings


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Artesian Hot Water Spring Spa Francoise National Park, Western Australia

This natural hot spring spa is located in the Francoise National Park, Western Australia and part of the Peron Homestead Precinct which introduces visitors to how life was in pastoral days.


recoat of spa with a rhino linings protective coating


The artesian water once supplied water to stock on the property. Today, visitors have the opportunity to soak in the regular 400C water that is fed into the spa and enjoy the wildlife that comes to drink in the hot tub overflow.

A similar coating to Rhino Linings polyurethane was applied 18 months previously to the hot tub/spa, however, due to the constant heat and nature of the water, the coating had failed and was peeling off.  Australian Resin Coatings was engaged to recoat the spa with a protective coating that could withstand the long-term effects of the hard water and hot water temperature.

After removal of the failed coating, the surface was prepped and primed with RhinoPrime 251.  The spa surface was relined with a 3mm coating of Rhino Tuff Stuff over the top of a fibreglass coating.

Francoise National Park is located 726 km north of Perth, within the boundary of the Shark Bay World Heritage area, check it out next time you are in Western Australia.

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Fuel Tank Protection for Variety Bash Vehicle - Car No. 49

Shackell Transport, The Variety Bash and Fuel Tank Protection for Car No. 49

The Variety Bash is Australia’s largest (and favourite!) motoring event with participants travelling to rural parts of Australia that they would otherwise not see, at the same time raising money for disadvantaged and special needs children. Throughout the Bash, participants visit local towns, stopping into the schools to visit the kids (some schools only having 5 students!). Bashers get to see the smiles of the kids they’ve helped and provide the schools with equipment to assist student’s development and education.

Fuel Tank Protection for Variety Bash Vehicle - Car No. 49“Our car No.49 is a 1968 Ford Falcon sedan stock standard 221 C1 (3.6 litre) 6 cylinder engine with a 3 speed column shift manual gearbox” said Bob Shackell from Shackell Transport, “We have raised the suspension for clearance and run all terrain tyres”

The Variety Bash is an amazing motoring event for pre-1974 cars. The logistics to feed about 350 people, three times a day at three different venues and sometimes in remote areas, along with the route planning 5,000km mostly substandard dirt roads, through national parks, forestry and private properties, that would be suited to mainly four wheel drive, is incredible. Then there is the roadside repairs, broken suspension, shocky mounts ripped out, broken axles, radiators, fuel tank and tyres all welded, soldered, plugged, patched and repaired on the side of the road by the owners or the mobile workshops that travel with us.

Rhino Lined Fuel Tank Protection Handles the Harsh Aussie Environment!

Rhino Lined Fuel Tank While most cars carry a range of spare parts or borrow from someone else to keep moving, there is a part you simply can’t carry, the fuel tank, which cops a lot of stone and rock damage. While most times the leak can be fixed, you can’t replace the lost fuel when you’re in the middle of nowhere. After a couple of years with fuel tank damage, we approached the team at Rhino Linings to provide a solution. Rhino took up the challenge with enthusiasm and treated our fuel tank with their (Rhino) TUFF STUFF protective lining. Our car has since completed 4 Variety Bashes and the bottom of the fuel tank is unmarked and looks like it has just been treated.

I can only imagine how beneficial Rhino TUFF STUFF protection would be for the 4WD market and equipment operating in severe conditions.

Bob Shackell
Shackell Transport Pty Ltd
Shackell's supporting Variety Bashhttp://www.shackelltransport.com.au/business/supporting-variety/

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