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Rhino Linings Blog

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Artesian Hot Water Spring Spa Francoise National Park, Western Australia

This natural hot spring spa is located in the Francoise National Park, Western Australia and part of the Peron Homestead Precinct which introduces visitors to how life was in pastoral days.


recoat of spa with a rhino linings protective coating


The artesian water once supplied water to stock on the property. Today, visitors have the opportunity to soak in the regular 400C water that is fed into the spa and enjoy the wildlife that comes to drink in the hot tub overflow.

A similar coating to Rhino Linings polyurethane was applied 18 months previously to the hot tub/spa, however, due to the constant heat and nature of the water, the coating had failed and was peeling off.  Australian Resin Coatings was engaged to recoat the spa with a protective coating that could withstand the long-term effects of the hard water and hot water temperature.

After removal of the failed coating, the surface was prepped and primed with RhinoPrime 251.  The spa surface was relined with a 3mm coating of Rhino Tuff Stuff over the top of a fibreglass coating.

Francoise National Park is located 726 km north of Perth, within the boundary of the Shark Bay World Heritage area, check it out next time you are in Western Australia.

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 05 March 18

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