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Best Practice Tips for the Auto Mechanic - Safety in the Workplace

Whether you are a seasoned auto mechanic or are just opening your first shop, it never hurts to take a look around at your safety for yourself, staff and customers alike. So we have gathered a few tips here to help keep your garage accident free and the cars the cars you are working on safe.

General Safety

  • Make sure that staff are aware that they are not allowed to eat their lunches or snacks in the work area. There are dangerous chemicals in the garage, and this practice can be risky.
  • Have a fire safety procedure posted and make sure all staff are familiar with it and understand what to do in case a fire starts.
  • Spill control materials should be kept in the garage, and all staff should be aware of the location as well as proper use.
  • Eyewash and shower stations should also be available in case of emergency.

Once all of these safety precautions are in place review with all staff members and be certain new staff members are taken through the routine.

 Auto Mechanic workplaces made safe by Rhino Linings


When it comes to your floors ensure they to meet OH&S requirements

  • The floor of your garage must have drains that are correctly connected to the sewer as dictated and outlined by your local council.
  • You may also require an oil-water separator.
  • Consider an epoxy garage floor coatings such as Rhino Armafloor to seal and protect the floor.  Keep in mind that any product used should be non-combustible as well as resistant to chemicals and oils.
  • Floors should be free of cracks and damage that would allow for leaking and seepage of harmful chemicals. 
  • Another advantage of having an epoxy floor coating like Rhino ArmaFloor installed, are that they are seamless, slip resistant, easy to clean and durable.
  • Not only are epoxy floors functional, that are aesthetically pleasing too.
  • With the use of custom coloured pigments, areas can be easily marked out for walkways and access areas.

General Equipment

  • Light bulbs used in the garage area should be Teflon coated.
  • The use of mini-heaters and furnaces should not be allowed in the garage.
  • Your hydraulic lifts must be checked on a monthly basis to avoid deadly accidents.
  • You should also do routine checks for things such as frayed extension or electrical cords, ensure you have them TAG tested.

Following these basic safety tips will help you avoid accidents as well as serious issues with chemicals and potential fire hazards.

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