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Rhino Linings Blog

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Modular Home - Waterproofing and Flooring



Epoxy Flooring using on Modular Home

These purpose-built homes are an innovation of Lifebuilding Pty Ltd, an organisation that supplies easy to erect modular homes for Indigenous & Remote Communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

These homes are supplied in “flat pack” panels where they can be shipped to remote locations. This typical 4 bedroom dwelling was erected in 28 days with one qualified tradesman and 5 high school students.

Rhino Linings products have been incorporated into the bathrooms of these modular homes to provide a seamless approved waterproof flooring system that is decorative yet durable.

Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF was used as a base coat to provide an approved waterproof seal and coated with Rhino ArmaFloor 500 for that decorative yet durable finish.

Senior Management from QLD Housing inspected this house in the factory and in community (Palm Island).  A physical test, bouncing a crowbar off the floor surface was conducted by the head of QLD Housing.  The results were astonishing, and comments made as to the potential long-term cost savings by using Rhino Linings for all future wet area floor and wall systems.

Both senior management for Qbuild and QLD Housing were highly impressed by the durability of this product as it offered a tough, seamless, waterproof membrane to the many vulnerable surface junctions typical in wet areas.

Being a seamless coating, Both Rhino Tuff Stuff and ArmaFloor 500 have no joins or corner mitres that can peel away like typical sheet vinyl. The benefit being, that the modular’s bathroom was likely to extend its lifespan many years longer, therefore reducing expensive remote bathroom renovation costs. This easily applied liquid membrane can be applied in varying thicknesses, depending on each project specific application.

Rhino Linings has a range of products suitable to apply to many different bathroom substrates, including concrete floors and walls. This incredibly durable wet area solution has proven to provide significant full building lifecycle cost savings because it offers an easy clean and hygienic floor system that protects the surrounding building elements from moisture and infectious disease ingress, whilst preventing decay and corrosion of the building structure.

Rhino Linings ‘Tuff Stuff’ is used by USA and Australian military departments for armoured vehicle and equipment for bomb protection. This particular dwelling was supplied as a community transitional house for residents, while their houses were being renovated in community. This required a stronger than normal product specification, hence why Rhino Linings were chosen

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