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Rhino Linings Blog

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Potable Water Tank Linings

PROJECT DETAILS: Potable Water Storage Reservoir

This very large Potable Water Storage Reservoir required a full external/internal steel and concrete repair program following a major floor leakage issue found in early 2014.

Potable Water Storage Reservoir Before and After Shots of Rhino Lining


External Steel Walls

This extensive area of the tank was blasted and primed with a commercially available and multiple coat epoxy paint system.

The Internal Steel Walls (down to 600mm above the floor joint)

This extensive area of the tank was blasted and primed with a commercially available and multiple coat epoxy paint system which was potable water approved.

Wall to Floor Steel/Concrete Ring Joint

The steel wall was blasted to a Class 2 1/2 blast with a 50-70 micron profile then primed with RhinoPrime 251 Primer.

The concrete floor section of the wall joint was primed with RhinoPrime SP150. Both primers were then coated in 3.5-4mm DFT of black pigmented Rhino PP1195 Pure Polyurea.


The previously installed failed joint sealer was removed and replaced with a Sika approved sealant. A Rhino Linings approved bridging membrane system was then applied over the flexible joints followed by the application of a 3-4mm DFT Rhino PP1195 Pure Polyurea bridging membrane out to termination points 300mm either side of the spiral joints and the ring beam joint.


The customer specified non-destructive testing for this application that involved Holiday (Spark) Testing only and DFT measurement at multiple points around the coating system including the Rhino application.


This project was completed in late 2014 and has been providing the potable water supply to Murwillumbah and surrounds in the Tweed Valley for the past four years without any leakage, failure, or otherwise.

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