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Rhino Linings Blog

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Rust Protection for Fire Truck Chassis

Regular maintenance checks by the CFA ensure long-term solution for rusting fire truck chassis.

With our Australian climate, bushfires and grassfires can happen any time of the year.  Emergency Services need to be ready to respond to calls at a moment’s notice, as do their vehicles.

After a routine vehicle maintenance check, the Country Fire Authority (CFA), a community-based fire and emergency services organisation in Victoria, found a significant amount of rust on the chassis of one of their fire trucks. This one issue can have a vehicle out of action for weeks.

The CFA approached Chemblast (Rhino Linings Warrnambool) asking for a solution to their problem. The rust needed to be removed and the chassis surface resealed to prevent any further damage.

Firetruck frame painted with epoxy before being encapsulated with Rhino Tuff Stuff

The Fire Truck body was stripped from the chassis; rust and other contaminants removed with abrasive blasting.  Cross members were replaced where required, and the frame painted with epoxy before being encapsulated with Rhino Tuff Stuff to keep the rust in check.
The original work was carried out in 2015.  12 months later the job was reinspected by the CFA maintenance team and found to be in perfect condition. 

Accumulated rust on a truck chassis can have a vehicle taken immediately off the road or worse, could mean a full replacement.  The benefits of the type of application Chemblast provides mean that costs can be kept low and kept within budgetary constraints expected of the CFA.

Today Chemblast continues to work closely with the CFA; the company has now completed nine units in total.

Work completed by Chemblast Industrial Coatings

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 22 May 18

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