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Solutions for Water & Waste Water Containment Problems

Experiencing Difficulty When it Comes to Containing Waste Water?

Inferior sealants and lining alternatives for your water channels require constant and costly monitoring and maintenance. Look beyond those short-term solutions and join thousands of satisfied customers in more than 65 countries that have utilised the innovative products of Rhino Linings Australasia to contain their waste-water and avoid time-consuming and costly spillages.

Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd is a trusted brand, best known as the manufacturer and supplier of spray applied membranes used in road vehicle and marine vessel protection as well as a wide range of industrial applications. However, what you may not be aware of is the cost-effective, long-term containment solutions that we can provide for the water and waste-water industries.


The Coliban Water Authority in Victoria had a problem. Large volumes of precious water were escaping through the old, deteriorated concrete base and earthen irrigation channels in the Bendigo and Ballarat regions. The location of the channels was also proving to be a challenge, as they wound through the delicate National Parks and specialised farmlands of North Eastern Victoria.

With sensitive environmental considerations and difficult terrain preventing vehicular access, it appeared that Coliban would be drawn into a long and costly channel restoration process while absorbing the cost of water draining from the compromised channel system. What a waste of time and money!

Fortunately, Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd had the solution. Our polyurethane spray system was perfect for lining the failed water channels.

Lightweight and durable application equipment meant that the remote location and difficult terrain proved no problem for our product technicians.

With just one application of our remarkable elastomer, the integrity of the channels was restored, effectively preventing further loss of valuable H2O and increasing the transfer flow rate considerably.

The Coliban Water Authority was so impressed that Rhino Linings has since been their first choice when confronted with other wastewater concerns.


Rhino Linings is ideal for protecting your tanks, channels, bunded structures and containment zones. Our innovative polyurethane and polyurea lining systems are chemically resistant, potable water approved and wet area membrane approved. The one coat spray-on application means the process of protecting your investments with a seamless membrane to any thickness is swift and cost-effective, leaving you with more time and capital to direct to other areas of your business.

Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high-performance elastomeric lining systems, has proven products ready to solve the most challenging and costly water / wastewater containment problems.


  • Seamless, impervious spray applied lining
  • Designed for long-life under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Versatile: Formulations can be sprayed to virtually any substrate including concrete, steel, metals fibreglass, wood and geo-textile surfaces
  • Can be sprayed to any desired thickness
  • Tack free within minutes of application with modifiable cure times available.
  • Efficient: Costly downtime is significantly reduced compared to other lining methods ultimately saving you money


Rhino spray applied polyurethanes and pure polyureas delivers superior corrosion protection and resistance against adverse chemistries such as fuel, diesel, crude oil, condensates, brine water, hydroxides, solvents, peroxides, salts, lye and various forms of other harsh chemicals.

Speak to your local Rhino Linings Approved Applicator or Head Office today.

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