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The Best Flooring for Indoor Dog Kennels - ArmaFloor 200SC Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel 

Brand new dog boarding Kennels being constructed in Tooradin, VIC, with the owners wanting an “easy to clean” & “urine resistant” slip-resistant coating for their 600sqm Dog Boarding Kennels concrete floor.

Rhino Linings Gippsland provided a self-levelling basecoat with our ArmaFloor 200 SC with 30/60 Aggregate Sand broadcast throughout whilst the coating was still wet to help provide the slip-resistance for our durable, seamless & excrement resistant ArmaFloor 500 Polyaspartic Topcoat.

Dog Kennels being protected by Rhino Linings

The cleaning process will be made easy by using a Pet-Friendly foaming detergent such as our own Rhino FP101 Floor Cleaner with a simple hose down.

The other advantages of our ArmaFloor 500 Polyaspartic Flooring System are that it is both Colour & UV Stable with a high gloss finish + has excellent scratch, abrasion & impact resistance, ticking all the boxes required for this application & many others.

Work completed by Rhino Linings Gippsland

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 17 December 18

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