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Rhino Linings Blog

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Mine Site Heavy Vehicle Protection by Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings provides heavy vehicle protection

Large Mining Truck - Rhino LiningsLarge mining trucks are the cornerstone of the mining industry, moving material such as coal, sand, rock and ore.  They are built tough for the terrain they work in, but sometimes some added protection is required due to the highly corrosive environment that exists on a mine site.  Following are three case studies of work completed by Rhino Linings of Singleton, NSW Australia.

The cab of Komatsu Haulcab

This Komatsu 830e 240 ton Haulcab cab is part of a Rio Tinto fleet used in the highly corrosive environment that exists on a mine site. The cab had started to corrode, and there was concerned the existing floor matting did not meet their slip-resistant requirements. Additionally, dirt and moisture were being trapped beneath the partially bolted down mat causing further corrosion. Moisture was also creating an odour in the cab.

The cab was first sandblasted and repaired before application of Rhino Prime 251 and Rhino TUFF STUFF.  Slip-resistant particles were also applied to finish off the application.  The company was pleased with the cab and intends, over the coming months, to have the same work carried out on the balance of their fleet of Komatsu dump trucks.


Caterpillar 793 Haul Truck Fuel Tanks Protected by Rhino LiningsCaterpillar 793 Haul Truck Fuel Tanks

This Caterpillar 793 Haul Truck is part of a fleet used in the extremely corrosive environment that exists on mine sites.

The 5,000 ltr fuel tanks of these Caterpillar 793 Haul trucks, located directly behind the front wheel, acts as a mudguard and are incredibly vulnerable to impact and of course corrosion. To obtain a much longer service life, the client required the fuel tanks to have as much impact and corrosion resistance as possible.

Due to the weight of these tanks, the work included having the tank suspended by a crane to prepare the area before the application of  Rhino TUFF STUFF ®.  The entire tank was painted Caterpillar yellow upon completion.

The fast cure time of Rhino TUFF STUFF® allows for easy application to vertical and overhead surfaces. The client intends to have further fuel tanks sprayed as they are removed for inspection.


Caterpillar 798 Haul Truck Mud Guards Protected by Rhino LiningsCaterpillar 798 Haul Truck Mud Guards

Rhino Linings protective coatings are used in many areas of a  mine site including bunds, machinery, flooring, conveyor belt maintenance in addition to heavy vehicle protection for corrosion and impact.

The mudguard of a Caterpillar 798 Haul Truck is situated directly over the front left-hand wheel and is extremely vulnerable to impact and corrosion.  Rhino Linings TUFF STUFFwas used in this area for its corrosion and impact protection properties.  Also, the battery box and door were also sprayed to prevent the battery from shorting out on the metal surface should it become dislodged from its mounting.

The first guard has been in operation for well over 18 months now and is showing no signs of wear.

A further three guards have been sprayed since the trial.

Rhino Linings spray applied products continue to provide the same protection for large vehicles such as these and other industrial mining applications on mine sites throughout Australia and Internationally.

Contact Rhino Linings Head Office today on +61 7 5585 7000 and talk to our team of highly trained technicians.  Our Technical team have worked on major projects all over the world and have industry leading experience in the correct use of our application equipment and lining systems.


Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 08 January 19

HyRail Trucks – Rail Maintenance Vehicles

Built for FMG Mining, this Isuzu truck is fitted with a HyRail system which means it has Train Wheels and drive system on the front and rear and therefore can travel on the client's rail line.  The truck can operate on regular roads using its rubber wheels.  When it gets to a rail line, it straddles the rail line, and the HyRail units fold down lifting the truck off its rubber wheels.

protective coatings for hyrail system in raile line track maintenance

The role of this vehicle is to carry equipment along the rail line and perform track maintenance.

Now the question is why did they go to all the trouble of coating the entire underbody, chassis, diffs, HyRail unit,  diesel and air tanks?

Well, the answer is simple – Most of the roads this truck travels on to, and from, the rail line is mainly gravel which is sprayed with water 24hrs a day for dust suppression.  It is a waste to use good clean drinking water, so they often use second grade reclaimed water from dams or the ocean, and it is very salty.

Salt Water + Dirt + Chipped Paint = RUST !

… and very quickly it will rust – this truck is worth about $500,000 so they would like it to last up to 10 years.

So from both a cost saving and ease of application perspective we use a combination of High Build Industrial Epoxy and Rhino Linings polyurethane coating system.

First, everything is sprayed with a 300µm DFT coating of our High Build black Epoxy (known as Beamastic). This product also provides an excellent primer or base for the Rhino product.

Then we merely spray Rhino Duraspray on anything we think will cop the flying debris.  This is typically the chassis rails near the rear wheels, the fuel and auxiliary tanks that stick out the side, both diffs, and in this case, the HyRail units mainly because they are costly and the client wanted the added insurance of the double coating (Epoxy and Rhino)

Work completed by Beam Rustproofing located in Belmont WA.  For further information contact Beam on (08) 9325 1399

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 03 October 18

Providing Maximum Wear Resistance and Operational Life of Chute Slides

Wear Coat and Final Coat Protection for JetCrete Chute Slides

This particular project was for Jetcrete, Australia’s largest specialised shotcrete contractor for the mining and construction industry. The company was looking for a long-term durable solution that prevented both wear and concrete hang up.

Concrete chute slides are used to effectively control the flow of concrete from cement truck bowls to the location where the concrete is to be deposited.  However, due to the sliding abrasiveness of wet concrete, hang up is always an issue and can often contribute to onsite project delays.

To complete the project each chute was primed with RhinoPrime 251 in preparation for the application of RhinoChem 2170 a spray applied, seamless chemical and abrasion resistant polyurethane protective coating.


Wear Coat and Final Coat Protection for JetCrete Chute Slides


As wear was an issue with the chute slides a tinted wear coat was required, RhinoChem was applied in two different colours.  The first coating (coloured pink), was applied at a thickness of 3mm, its primary purpose is to serve as a wear indicator.  A final 3mm (cream tinted) coating was used to produce a low coefficient of friction reducing hang up, sticking or carryback of the concrete.

RhinoChem 2170 is a monolithic, seamless lining which conforms to any shape or size, it is especially suitable for applications that require a fast turnaround and an extended life cycle.

Work completed by: Australian Resin Coatings

Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 16 July 18

Chute Wear Liners

Large in size and weight, these 2-tonne wear plates line a massive iron ore chute at the Yandi BHP mine site in the Pilbara, WA.

Australian Resin Coatings was engaged by Enduraclad International to provide a protective coating for the tungsten wear plates to protect the edges from chipping on installation - this proved successful


protective coating applied to tungsten wear plates


An ongoing trial, which is forecast to be carried out over the next five years, is to ascertain the suitability and durability of RhinoChem 2170 polyurethane and its ability to lengthen the life of the liners and help stop the ore from chipping the wear liners out from the edges.

Application Process

The surface area of the wear plates was prepared and primed with RhinoPrime 251.  Depending on the depth of the wear plate edge, 3-8mm of RhinoChem 2170 was applied to provide an extremely durable, abrasion and impact resistant surface.


Work completed by Australian Resin Coatings


Posted in: Rhino Linings Blog at 09 April 18

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