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If you were ever in doubt of just how tough Rhino Linings is .. you should see what the defence forces do with our product [VIDEO}

The escalation in the war against terror has seen Rhino Linings take an active role in the protection of military personnel and equipment in trouble spots around the world. Internationally defence forces rely on the superior strength of Rhino Linings to protect their soldiers and equipment.

Rhino’s spray applied solutions guard against abrasion, corrosion, impact and blast mitigation and are used to enhance composite armour products.

Rhino’s REXAR range of military approved linings can be found in military helicopters, personnel carriers, composite armour plates, fuel tanker linings and may other military applications.

Rhino Linings Protective Coatings for Military Applications

  • Blast Mitigation;
  • Vehicles and structures,
  • Tanker Skins,
  • Helicopter Pads,
  • Fleet Vehicles;
  • Personnel carriers,
  • Ambulances


Case Studies: Australian Ambulances, BattleJacketBattleJacket Robotic Arm, Chinook Helicopter, Military Fuel Tanker, Military Howitzer Tank, MTVR Armoured Personnel Carrier

Rhino Linings Military Grade Protective Coatings: 

Rhino's Military protective coatings applications cover land, sea and air elements for DOD including encapsulation of Body Armour (Rhino Tuff Stuff, Rhino Extreme 1150FR and Rhino REXAR MT 85-15), Ballistic Armour for aircraft (Rhino REXAR MD95-15 and Rhino Extreme 1150FR and Fuel Tank Self Sealing (BattleJacket), Helicopter landing decks (Rhino PP1195 and Rhino Extreme 1150FR). AFV in cabin floor protection (Rhino Tuff Stuff), Ship bilge tanks (Rhino PP1195RhinoChem 2170 and Rhino HiChem 1170

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