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Rhino ArmaFloor 400 UHS

Rhino ArmaFloor 400 UHS - Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring

warehouse facility with ArmaFloor 400 appliedRhino ArmaFloor® 400 UHS is a two part (3:1 mixing ratio by volume), high solids, heavy duty, high build epoxy flooring system, Available in standard Neutral and Light Grey. Tinting packs are Basalt, Beige, Emerald Green, Harbour Blue, Signal Red, Golden Yellow, Koala Grey, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Bridge Grey, Lightbox Grey, Black and White.

Rhino ArmaFloor 400 UHS is a heavy duty coating offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It is recommended for use in a number of industries including food and beverage, warehousing facilities, automotive and manufacturing.

With high chemical resistant properties,this heavy duty floor coating provides protection against a range of diluted acids, solvents and alkali spills and mechanical abrasion from forklifts, trucks and trailers.

Rhino ArmaFloor 400 UHS seamless coverage does not support bacterial growth, which results in a durable, hygienic and easy to clean surface. For high traffic or wet areas add Silica Sand at #30- #60 or #60 - #100 mesh for a slip resistant finish.

There is a Standard version (16hr cure at 250C/50% RH) and a Rapid version (6-8hrs cure at 250C/50% RH) available in this range.

Rhino ArmaFloor 400 UHS Properties

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, timber and damp concrete
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast return to service
  • Standard or Rapid catalyst (part B)
  • Low odour

Rhino ArmaFloor 400 UHS Applications

  • Retail shops & commercial applications
  • Food processing plants
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Construction & mining industry
  • Warehouses
  • Abattoirs
  • Storage tank linings
  • Residential garages   ... and more


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Colour Chart: Rhino ArmaFloor Pigments

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