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Rhino Extreme 11-50 FR

Rhino Extreme 11-50 FR

Fuel tankers can have Rhino Linings appliedRhino Extreme 11-50 FR is a flame retardant, elastomeric, polyurea system.  The products flame retardance makes it an ideal coating for numerous applications that require a flammability rating. 

Spray on application creates a monolithic, seamless lining which conforms to any shape and size and is an excellent fire retardant protective lining for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance.

Because of the large number of flammability ratings and the broad array of surfaces that can be coated, it is highly recommended that testing, certification and approval be considered before any application of this coating. Note: Ultimate flame retardance is dependent upon the coated substrate, thickness and density.

Rhino Extreme 11-50 FR is a tough, durable lining with the ability to withstand vehicle traffic and heavy loads and reduce noise from vibration and impact. This product is also used extensively for military applications for its blast mitigation properties.  

Rhino Extreme 11-50FR Properties

*  Class 1 fire rated, flame spread ≤ 25 and smoke density ≤ 450
*  Can be applied in 80% humidity or lower and temperatures as low as -18 degrees C
*  Provides vibration and acoustic dampening
*  High tensile strength, elongation and tear strength
*  Excellent fire resistance
*  Excellent weather resistance
*  Excellent corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance
*  Good chemical resistance.

Rhino Extreme 11-50FR Typical Uses

  • Blast mitigation 
  • Military barracks
  • Vehicles
  • Temporary structures and buildings
  • Industrial flooring
  • Noise reduction from vibration and impact

Rhino Extreme 11-50FR Industry Applications


Technical Data Sheet: Rhino Extreme 11-50 FR

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