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Industrial Protection Solutions by Rhino Linings

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Industrial Protection

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Rhino Linings – Australia’s Agile Manufacturer and Supplier of Sprayed-on Liners and Industrial Coatings

Rhino Linings® is an Australian supplier of polyurethane and polyurea spray linings, we take pride in our ability to offer long-term, cost effective protective spray applied polyurethane and pure polyurea solutions throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Our portfolio has been developing considerably by offering customised solutions for stakeholders of large industrial, mining, water and wastewater projects.

Industrial Protective Coatings: Rhino’s Capabilities

Our team of highly trained industrial coating technicians and applicators have worked on major projects all over the world providing seamless protection against impact, corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack and executing long term containment solutions.

As a customer, whatever your requirement, whether it be Waterproofing, Flooring, Primary ContainmentSecondary Containment, Water or Wastewater Solutions, Mining, CIPP (Cure In-Place Pipe), Premium Industrial Flooring, Construction or Defence solutions, you can rest assured your project will be carried out by our highly trained and committed Rhino Linings approve applicators. 

Industrial Protective Coatings: Rhino’s Polyurea and Polyurethane Range

Rhino Linings can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any type of equipment and substrate material regardless of penetrations or shape, whether new or already in service. Rhino Linings polyurea and polyurethane products provide industrial-strength protection because they can be applied significantly thicker than many other coatings in the market from 2 mm to unlimited thickness.

All Rhino Linings formulations are capable of protecting your equipment against erosion, corrosion, impact and abrasion.   Your products will be stronger, tougher, and more durable than those coated with conventional elastomers, epoxies and plastics.

Find out More: Rhino’s Range of Products and their Capabilities     

We have a large range of high performance spray applied protective coatings. Explore our product range to find the right product for your next project requirements, alternatively contact us to discuss your needs.

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As an Australian supplier of polyurethane and polyurea spray applied coatings, our network of industrial applicators and satisfied customers continues to grow. 

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