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Rhino TUFF STUFF being applied to inside wheel wellRhino TUFF STUFF is Rhino Linings most versatile premium liner product.

It’s a thick "grippy" liner that will provide maximum slip resistance whilst providing maximum protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion. Rhino Tuff Stuff® can be finished with a light or heavy stipple finish (embossed) slip-resistant surface or a more aggressive slip resistant particle finish that is still pleasant to walk on. 

Additionally, the stipple and/or aggressive surface finish adds to the wear resistance of these PU membranes (high Taber abrasion resistance), while the cross linking chemistry inherent throughout these spray applied membranes provides excellent penetration resistance. Added durability comes from Rhino Tuff Stuff® being UV and atmospheric resistant, along with mechanical flexibility and stability. 

Rhino TUFF STUFF is applied up to 2 -3 times thicker than other liners, which means it provides more protection, more sound deadening, more slip resistance and more vibration absorption than any other liner on the market. 

Rhino TUFF STUFF Spray-on lining creates a monolithic seamless coating, it conforms to any shape and size and will bond to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including all metals, concrete, wood and fibreglass.

It elastomeric properties allow for application to surfaces subject to: vibration, expansion, contraction, movement, flexing, abrasion and impact and is extremely flexible while maintaining its integrity under repeated flexing, regardless of film thickness. 

This product has a proven track record of saving businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment repair, maintenance and replacement.

It's also CSIRO Tested as Class III "Wet Area Membrane" and has been accepted by a majority of New Zealand Councils for use as a spray applied waterproof membrane.

Rhino TUFF STUFF Properties

  • Slip resistance
  • Good noise reduction
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent casting material.

Rhino TUFF STUFF Typical Uses

 Ute bed and truck trays, bumpers, grilles and mudguards, Flooring; decks, patios, ramps, walkways and stairs, Commercial Vans, Trucks and Cargo Trailers, Horse Floats, Marine Applications, Military Tanks and Vehicles, Explosive Detonation Chambers,  Sound Deadening Applications, Vibration Absorption Applications, Casting Material for Material Handling eg Chutes, Hoppers and Rollers, Potable Water Storage.

Rhino TUFF STUFF Industry Applications: 


Technical Data Sheet: Rhino TUFF STUFF

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