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Spraying Ute LinersSo you’re looking at becoming a part of the Rhino Linings team of trained protective coating applicators or a Rhino Linings Dealer? Great choice. We’re here to help. Whether you’re looking at expanding your business or starting a new franchise, Rhino Linings has a solution for you with low start up costs.

What’s more, this is not a franchise with ongoing fees, this is your own business with the support from the International leading name in protective coatings.

Our range of protective applications includes industrial flooring, commercial flooring, retail flooring, mining equipment protection, Cure In-Place Pipe (CIPP) solutions, Defence Solutions, Automotive Protection and many other specialised solutions where a trusted, durable protective coating is required.

Simply complete the form below to get started on your new venture and a Rhino Linings representative will be in touch to assist you to find the perfect setup for your requirements.

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