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Primary Containment Solutions

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Primary Containment SolutionsRhino Linings polyurethane and polyurea formulations offers superior solutions for reliable, impervious primary containment. The coatings have been specifically designed to reduce primary containment maintenance costs and maximise equipment return on investment.

Being sprayed or cast onto virtually any substrate (new or in service) of any shape, regardless of penetrations, to any required thickness in just one application is a huge time saving advantage, another is the fact that all Rhino formulations are tack free within minutes which reduces expensive downtime.

If you are looking for protective coating that has been purposely designed  to be  resistant to constant immersion and harsh chemicals, RhinoChem 2170 is your solution.

Rhino’s industrial spray applied coatings for primary containment are water, chemical and acid resistant and capable of protecting storage tanks from corrosion and rust. And as a sacrificial layer, these same coatings can provide superior protection from harsh chemicals and biological environments.

Rhino’s product formulations provide the ideal protective solution against spills, leaks, or leaking hazardous material seeping into the surrounding environment. 

Rhino’s primary containment protective coatings will flex and expand with substrate / thermal coefficient of change, making them an ideal liner for petrochemical containment.

Rhino Linings Primary Containment Applications

  • Primary Storage Tanks
  • Steel Holding Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Frag Tanks
  • Spray in Place Earthen Bunds
  • Acid Tank Protection
  • Leaching Ponds
  • Tailings Dams


Certifications:  PP1195 Potable Water Certification

Case Studies: Paspaley PearlsGas Storage TanksSewage Pump Tank

Rhino Linings Protective Coatings for Primary Containment: 

Rhino TUFF STUFFRhinoGuard 2185Rhino PP1195 (Potable Water), RhinoChem 2170HiChem 11-70

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