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Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50

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Loboratory Floor ProtectionRhino Hybrid HP 11-50 is an exothermic, rapid curing, elastomeric hybrid polyurea lining system.  It is an excellent general purpose industrial liner and provides good resistance to many commercial and industrial chemicals such as acids, alkalis, oils and cleaning chemicals. 

Used in areas which require noise reduction from vibration and impact, Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 performs well as a strong, durable floor coating that will withstand vehicular, forklift traffic and heavy loads with proper thickness build. It can also be used for floor and wall coatings and is particularly suitable for veterinary surgeries, food processing plants and food storage areas. 

Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 is also suitable in secondary containment as an impermeable lining for industrial plant, agriculture, and petrochemical applications.

Being a sprayed-on liner, Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 is a monolithic, seamless lining that will confirm to any shape and size.   The product bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including metals, wood, concrete and fibreglass.  The lining thickness varies based on the application required (typically a minimum of 1.6mm up to unlimited thickness). It can be sprayed in environments of up to 98% humidity and a dew point temperature of 150 or more with no blistering. The product is stable from -400C to 79.40C

For the applicator, Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 is easy on spray equipment with no fast gelling at the spray gun tip.  For specific applications and information, please consult with a Rhino representative.

Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 Properties

  • Robust application window with ability to spray at low temperatures and high humidity
  • High tensile strength and tear strength properties
  • Very good abrasion and impact resistance
  • Good chemical resistance 
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good noise reduction
  • Easy to texture

Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 Applications

  • Food processing 
  • Food storage,
  • Veterinary,
  • Production area and
  • Laboratories,
  • Industrial plant,
  • Agriculture applications
  • petrochemical applications

Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50 Industrial Applications


Technical Data Sheet Rhino Hybrid 1150

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