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Secondary Containment Solutions

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Secondary Containment SolutionsRhino Linings flexible, seamless and impervious linings offer an incredibly strong and easy to apply solution provide long term cost effective protection for your company’s assets.

Rhino Linings proprietary formulations meet stringent EPA requirements and are highly chemical resistant even at elevated temperatures.

Pipework, fittings and support structures are easily incorporated into the lining eliminating seams and overlap joins guaranteeing the liners integrity.  Costly downtime is significantly reduced compared to other lining methods, ultimately saving you money.

As a secondary containment application, Rhino Linings coatings are excellent for fuel containment, including diesel and crude oil, acid solutions, salt water, acids hydroxides, solvents, peroxides, lye and various other harsh chemicals.

Secondary Containment Applications

  • Bund liners
  • Transformer bund
  • Earthern bunds
  • Transformer bund
  • Potable water tanks


Certifications: Geotextile and Rhino Burst Test
Case Studies: Aqueous Ammonia BundEarthen Containment BundCaustic Bund,

Rhino Linings Protective Coatings Used in Secondary Containment:

Rhino TUFF STUFFRhino PP1195RhinoChem 2170Rhino HiChem 1170RhinoGuard 2195 (used for some Transformer Oil and Fuel Bunds)

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